Mario Nicodemi

Mario I am a theoretical physicist. My scientific activities concern Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems in Physics and applications to Molecular Biology, with mathematical and computer approaches. I worked at ESPCI in Paris, Imperial College London, and at the UK Complexity Science Centre in Warwick. I am now the coordinator of the Statistical Mechanics Group in the INFN Section "Theoretical Physics Methods in Biology" at the University of Naples "Federico II". Among other international activities, I am currently in the EPJP and FPB Boards.

Research Interests

particles.jpg STATISTICAL MECHANICS OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS In Physics, we work on equilibrium and off-equilibrium critical phenomena, disordered and glassy systems, spin glasses, vortices in superconductors, and in particular on granular media (see a review in NATURE MAT.).

STATISTICAL PHYSICS, COMPUTATIONAL AND SYSTEM BIOLOGY We investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying genome regulation in eukaryotes, by combining their Statistical Physics description, computer simulations, and high-throughput data analysis. In particular, we work on: gene regulation (e.g., at X Chromosome Inactivation, see a recent NATURE PHYS. N&V); chromosome 3D organization (see a recent PNAS and Mol.Sys.Bio.); stem cell differentiation and reprogramming (see a recent Sci. Rep.).

DNA in Suono

Mario "It's written into the DNA" is a common way of saying, but what is really written into our DNA? The piece DNA IN SUONO (DNA in Sound) explores the potential of music to disclose to the broader public the discoveries of Genetics, starting from an unexpected link between human DNA sequences and J.S. Bach "Art of The Fugue"...

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