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Mario Nicodemi


I am a theoretical physicist. My scientific activities concern Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems in Physics and applications to Molecular Biology, with mathematical and computer approaches. I worked at ESPCI in Paris, Imperial College London, and at the UK Complexity Science Centre in Warwick. My group is now based at the Physics Department of the University of Naples "Federico II". In 2016 I was the recipient of the Einstein BIH Award by the Einstein Foundation and I am Visiting Professor at MDC in Berlin. I am the national coordinator of IS-BioPhys, the INFN project on the applications of the methods of Theoretical Physics in Biology, and I am a member of The 4D Nucleome consortium of the NIH in the US and of the Berlin Institute of Health in DE. I serve in international panels for the management of research and its resources, including the ANR in France, and in the EPJP and FPB boards.

Research Interest Summary

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My group works on the Physics of Complex Systems and its applications to Molecular Biology. In particular, we contributed to the investigation of the structure of off-equilibrium processes in systems such as granular media and glassy materials, and to the understanding of the complex three-dimensional architecture of the human genome and its links with gene regulation. Here is a selected list of my publications and more details on my current research projects.


We investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying genome regulation in eukaryotes, by combining their Statistical Physics description, computer simulations, and high-throughput data analysis. In particular, we work on chromosome 3D organization (see a recent NATURE and a recent NATURE SMB) and single-cell transcription data analysis (see a recent GENOME BIO.). We have also discussed the symmetry-breaking events leading to X Chromosome Inactivation (see a NATURE PHYS. N&V).


In Physics, we have been working on equilibrium and off-equilibrium critical phenomena, disordered and glassy systems, vortices in superconductors and, in particular, on granular media (see a review in NATURE MAT.).

Research Group

Research group 01/2016

Current members:
Carlo Annunziatella, Simona Bianco, Raffaele Campanile, Andrea Chiariello, Mattia Conte, Andrea Esposito (at MDC/UniNA), Luca Fiorillo, Ehsan Irani (at MDC), Andrea Piccolo, Mario Nicodemi

Recent members:
Mariano Barbieri, Sergio Sarnataro, Giovanni Terzo, Giovanni Laudanno, Pasquale Franzese, Anna Longobardi, Anas Rana (at UoW with S. Mukherjee), Emanuela de Falco, Ciro di Lanno, Gaetano Pellegrino (at Uni.Na with A. Corazza), Paolo d'Isanto, Jon Armond (at UoW with S. Mukherjee), Denis Grebenkov, Dan Barker (at UoW with S. Mukherjee), Melania Barile, Paolo Casale, Polly Downton (at UoW with G. Koentges), Antonio Scialdone, Valentino Bianco, Sam Brand (at UoW), Ilaria Cataudella, Deborah Pallotti



Openings are currently available for Post Doctoral and PhD positions in our group, for up to 3 years. A new round of appointments will start in March 2018.

The research topics concern the molecular mechanisms underlying the 3D organisation and regulation of the genome in eukaryotes, by combining polymer physics, computer simulations and experimental high-throughput data analysis. The ideal candidate should have a background in statistical mechanics or computer simulations, biological physics, bioinformatics. She/He will work within a collaboration including physicists, molecular biologists, and bioinformaticians across EU and USA. Additional information is available at the group research page or via email requests. In our group the successful candidate will find very friendly and open working conditions, dedicated supervision and many learning and interaction opportunities.

Informal enquiries and applications (including CV, list of publications and names of three potential referees, in a single pdf) should be sent by email.

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Prof. Mario Nicodemi,
Dipartimento di Fisica "E. Pancini",
Universita' di Napoli "Federico II",
Complesso Universitario di Monte S. Angelo,
Via Cintia, 80126 Napoli, ITALY

ROOM: 2Ma14

TEL: +39 081 676475

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