Complex Systems

This is an advanced Statistical Mechanics course, key to the Theory, Soft and Condensed Matter Physics curricula of the Laurea Magistralis/Master in Physics. Its topics include: Stochastic Processes; Advanced Stat. Mech. (equilibrium and off-equilibrium); Emergent behaviours, Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena; Renormalization Group and Universality; Network theory; Computer simulations (Monte Carlo and MD). The course also covers applications in Physics as well as Quantitative Biology and Finance, to highlight related international careers in science and business.

Course details Lecture room: 0M04; Schedule: Mon., Wed. at 14:00. Exam: written+viva; Lecture notes and materials: available on request.


The course is an introduction to Bioinformatics, Computational and System Biology, i.e., the description of complex phenomena of molecular and cell biology by high-throughput data analysis and quantitative models. Suited for the curricula of the Laurea Magistralis/Master in Informatics, Physics and Applied Math, it aims to fill the gap to real-world applications in science and biomedical technologies. Its topics include: Basic Molecular Biology; Basic Concepts in Probability, Statistics and Bioinformatics Algorithms; High-throughput technologies; Basic Machine Learning Techniques; Computer simulations, Gibbs sampling and Optimization (Monte Carlo, Simulated Annealing); Biological Networks.

Course details Lecture room: C11; Schedule: Wed. 16:00, Fri. 16:00. Exam: viva; Lecture notes and materials: available on request.