Luca Lista

INFN Sezione di Napoli
Comp. Univ. M.S.Angelo, ed. 6
80126, Napoli, Italy
tel.: +39 081 676908
e-mail: luca.lista<at>


Physics beyond the Standard Model

My main present interest is the search for physics beyond the Standard Model in association with top quarks. The last completed work is a search for dark matter in association with a top-quark pair.

Top quark physics

I have been interested in the study of single-top quark production at LHC with CMS experiment. I have been member of the LHCtopWG as representative of CMS experiment for single-top measurements. In this context, I perform combination of LHC measurement of single-top production. I have been convener of CMS single-top analysis group in years 2012-2013.

Standard Model physics

I performed measurements of Z-boson production at LHC with CMS experiment. I have been member and co-leader of CMS Vector Boson Task Force, and in this context, I have been editor of the W and Z cross section CMS publication at 7 TeV, one of CMS top-cite papers.

Search for the Higgs boson

I contributed to the search for the Higgs boson in CMS in the decay channel H→ZZ→llqq. I have been supervisor of a PhD thesis on this subject which lead to a CMS publication of the search results. I also contributed to the development of the software used in CMS to perform combination of results achieved in different decay channels. I indeed started my career as a physicist in 1991 searching the Higgs boson at LEP.

Past activities

BaBar experiment

BaBar experiment

I have been member of the BaBar collaboration at SLAC from 1994 to 2006. I worked on the design of the muon and neutral hadron detector, the IFR. I was in charge of muon identification in the experiment and coordinator of simulation and reconstruction software for IFR detector. I've been working on the measurement of B+→ τ+ν branching fraction and on the decay channel B+→ J/ψπ+ν, and I contributed to the development of BaBar computing model.

L3 experiment

L3 experiment

I have been member of the L3 experiment at CERN's LEP collider from 1991 to 2000. I worked on the search for the Higgs boson, supersymmetric particles and rare B decays. For a short period I was coordinator of the offline software of L3 silicon vertex detector.

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