Multiking HST/ACS simulator



    This task is based on the IDL procedure, aimed at generating and add simulated PSF or Globular Clusters to HST ACS flt images. The final images can be combined with the IRAF multidrizzle package as regular ACS images. Alternatively the shell multiking_wrapper.csh allows to simulate a list of objects in given positions using, add them to a set of dithered observations and combine (drizzle) the individual observations into the final image.


Details on the use of the software can be found in the multiking short manual (documentation for previous releases can be found within the downloaded packages).


No installation is required: just download and expand (or link) the software to your working directory.


Multiking_v1.2 - 17/11/10           Ensured that drizzling kernel is the same of the reference image; improved simulations of point sources; improved documentations. More details in the Manual.

Multiking_v1.1 - 1/9/07           Fixed a bug which prevented the correct handling of simulated sources overlapping the edge of the detector. Added an option to produce  new weight masks which include Poissonian errors due to simulated sources (intended to be used with the ERR weighting option of Multidrizzle to account for all error contributions)

Multiking_v1.0 - 26/7/07  This is the first release of the software and contains several bugs that have been fixed in later versions.

Feel free to contact me at paolillo @ to report problems and ask for support.

The Multiking set of procedures and scripts are designed to generate and add simulated PSF or Globular Clusters to HST ACS observations, including the effect of dithering on the final drizzled and stacked image. The script can be easily modified to add any type of object.