Associate Professor at the Naples University, I teach Physics and Astronomy classes. My main research interests are the origin and evolution of Galaxies, of Active Galactic Nuclei and of High Energy Astrphysical processes in general.


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Maurizio Paolillo

Associate Professor

Sezione di Fisica dell’Universo

Department of Physics Ettore Pancini - room 2N’19

Università degli Studi Federico II

Complesso Universitario di Monte S.Angelo

via Cintia 80126, Napoli - Italy

Phone. +39-081-676906  Fax +39-081-676346


Personal Informations

  1. -Curriculum vitae

  2. -Publications: ADS, ArXiv, ORCHID, IRIS-UniNa

  3. -Dissertations

  4. -Miscellanea

Main Research Interests

  1. -High Energy Astrophysics

  2. -Active Galactic Nuclei

  3. -Formation and Evolution of Galaxies

  4. -Globular Cluster systems

  5. -Galaxy Clusters

  6. -Inter stellar medium and gaseous halos

  7. -Multiwavelength surveys

Other Activities

  1. -Public outreach

  2. -Seminars and Events