Full professor in Naples

As far as we know, the last chapter of Majorana’s life had Naples as its centre, where Ettore arrived in January 1938. Upon request of the board in charge of the competition for a new full professorship in Theoretical Physics in Italy (after that for Fermi in 1926), the Minister of Education appointed Majorana “independently of the competition rules, as full professor of Theoretical Physics in a University of the Italian kingdom because of his high and well deserved reputation”. The chairman of the board was Fermi and its secretary Carrelli.

At Naples, Majorana lectured on Theoretical Physics, presenting Quantum Mechanics in a very modern way by skilfully sandwiching its mathematical formalism with real applications. The text of the complete set of Majorana’s lectures is now available thanks to the recent discovery of the “Moreno paper” – a faithful copy of the original handwritten notes. Majorana’s course was suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by his mysterious disappearance three months after his appointment at Naples.

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