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Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche
Universitā di Napoli Federico II
Complesso Universitario di Monte S.Angelo 
Via Cinthia, Ed. 6 
I-80126, Napoli - Italy 

Tel.:  +39-081-676498 
Fax:  +39-081-676346



    I work as a researcher in theoretical physics .

   Starting from my interests towards field theory and theoretical astrophysics, I have been always involved in general relativity and theoretical cosmology, ranging at first from Newtonian to Einstein-Cartan and inflationary cosmologies. I have also contributed to the development of the so-called Noether Symmetry Approach to cosmology, extensively examining scalar-tensor  theories of gravity both in minimal and non minimal couplings. Later on, my researches have focused more and more on issues concerning the dark sector of the Universe, i.e. dark energy and dark matter (also by means of gravitational lensing).

   My more recent investigations are, among others, on renormalization group improved cosmology, implying the running of both G and Λ in the field equations. These can be shown to have interesting solutions via the Noether Symmetry Approach, both for  pure gravity and with the presence of non interacting matter.

   For researches funded by I.N.F.N. (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), see the NA12 Iniziativa Specifica. Some information on my past activity in gravitational lensing can be found in the SLOTT-AGAPE site. ( Ū SLOTT-AGAPE was an international collaboration born for investigating microlensing events from M31, usually known as the Andromeda galaxy, and now is no longer active. It mainly formed due to the efforts of my colleague, mentor and friend Prof. R. de Ritis, prematurely died in 2000. Together with Prof. G. Platania, he first began systematic studies in cosmology at the Napoli University.)








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