ECFA European Committee for Future Accelerators &
BENE Beams for European Neutrino Experiments



Joint ECFA/BENE Study Week


The ECFA Muon Study Groups are now also a EC Networking Activity
    (BENE: Beams for European Neutrino Experiments).
holding joint ECFA/BENE Study Weeks.. 


Monday May 24


                                         (R. Bennett, J. E. Campagne)

      Introduction to the Proposed TT2A target Experiment".            Adrian Fabich

     (Test of a mercury jet in a magnetic field of 15 Tesla

      with beam in the nTOF beam line.)

10.15 Coffee

10.45 The EURISOL Targets                                                    Jacques Lettry

                        11.15 Solid Target Studies, Introduction                                    Roger Bennett

                                  Plans for shock wave studies of solid targets                    Neil Bourne

                        12.15   FP6 Design Study. Discussion of Target Work.              Rob Edgecock

             Roger Bennett

             (and everyone)


            The BETABEAM  team will be active that morning in the meeting of the Isolde &

            nTOF Committee


       14::00 European Neutrino Group  (ENG, R. Edgecock, H. Haseroth)

                         Plans for a proton test stand at RAL                  - David Findlay
                         Simulation of a Hg target, a horn and a decay tunnel  - Antoine Cazes        
                         of the SPL neutrino Super Beam
                         Liquid mercury tests in the nToF beam line            - Adrian Fabich             
                         Shock tests of solid targets                                    - Roger Bennett
                         Generation of ultraslow positive muons by laser       - Pavel Bakule
                          ionisation of muonium
                          Muon acceleration in FFAG rings                       - Eberhard Keil


Tuesday May 25



       Joint meeting of MuFront and MuEnd subgroup (R. Edgecock, F. Meot)


                           1/ Talks & discussions, present state of work 
                              G. Rees  (RAL) :                                    FFAG design studies
                               S. Brooks  (RAL) :                               decay channel and phase-rotation
                               F. Méot,  F. Lemuet  (CEA&CERN)    decay channel, FFAG studies
                               A. Verdier (CERN) :                             FFAG studies with MADX
                           2/ Discussion 
                                NuFact Design Study application ( : team  and  program.  



Starting with this meeting, this group, the BENE PHYSICS group, will host regularly a specific forum of the Working Package on detectors R&D towards a Proposal for a FP6 Design Study on Neutrino Factory & Superbeams. The session in May will focus on R&D towards very largeWater Cerenkov detectors.

Contributions are expected from C. K. Jung. Status and R&D plans in the US (UNO)
                                                  K. Nakamura Status and R& D plans in Japan (HyperK)


Wednesday May 26 

                14:00 Nuclear Physics Session


Thursday 27 May


May be arranged.

Friday 28 May

An  EMCOG (European Muon Coordination and Oversight Group) meeting is planned for the afternoon of Thursday 27. .

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