International Scoping Study (ISS) of

a future Neutrino Factory and super-beam facility


The ISS is a one year study, jointly launched at Nufact05 by the EU Network BENE, the US Muon Collaboration and the Japanese NuFact-J Collaboration. It is hosted at RAL by the UK Neutrino Collaboration.

It is a decisive preparatory step in BENE’s strategy towards a full blown Design Study that will produce the Conceptual Design Report of a new superior accelerator neutrino facility by 2010 or so. 

Its main web page is at
Its Study Plan can be found at
After the ISS, we plan to carry out an International Design Study that, in our 
European context, will be a EC funded FP7 Design Study. 
One of the main tasks of BENE, during the Scoping Study and the second part of
 2006, will be to organize our Eu neutrino community in a solid continental 
Collaboration that will propose and hopefully secure a Design Study Contract from EC.