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Optics in Soft Matter Group

Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy Lab

We perform research in optics and condensed matter physics mainly using the nonlinear optical interaction of intense laser light with matter as a spectroscopic tool. We are interested in complex materials both in the soft-matter field and in the field of highly correlated electronic materials.

Lab principal investigators:
- Lorenzo Marrucci, professor of physics
- Domenico Paparo, CNR scientist



- Lorenzo Marrucci, professor
- Domenico Paparo, CNR scientist
- Sergei Slussarenko, post-doctoral fellow
- Andrea Rubano, post-doctoral fellow
- Filippo Cardano, graduate student (PhD)
- Gabriele De Luca, graduate student (M. Sc.)
- Francesco Massa, graduate student (M. Sc.)

Alumni page (former group members)

"Laurea" (M.S.) and "Dottorato di Ricerca" (Ph.D.) internship positions available.

POST-DOC position currently available! For more information please go to the following link.

If you are interested in joining our group, contact Lorenzo Marrucci, attaching a CV to your e-mail and indicating at least two references. At the moment however there are no internally funded open positions in the group. If you wish to do a PhD with us, you may apply to the Naples research doctorate in fundamental and applied physics, which supports some students with university fellowships.

Current research activities:

Nonlinear optical spectroscopy of transition metal oxides and their interfaces (research financed by European Commission under FP7 Capacities grant MAMA)

Optical spin-to-orbital angular momentum conversion and its applications in quantum optics and photonics (research financed by European Commission under FP7 FET-Open grant PHORBITECH)


Current collaborations:
(outside CNR-SPIN and the Optics in Soft Matter group)

Center for Electronic Correlations and Magnetism, University of Augsburg, Germany (Prof. Jochen Mannhart)

Nonlinear Optics on Strongly Correlated Solid-State Systems, University of Bonn, Germany (Prof. Manfred Fiebig)

Quantum Optics Group, Universitā di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy (Dr. Fabio Sciarrino).

Biosurface Spectroscopy Group, AMOLF Institute, Netherland (Prof. Mischa Bonn)

Peter Palffy-Muhoray's group, Kent State University (Ohio, USA)

Groupe de Physique des Materiaux, Université de Rouen & CNRS, France (Prof. Bernard Deconihout)


Selected recent publications from our lab:

  • Onset and dynamics of vortex-antivortex pairs in polariton optical parametric oscillator superfluids
    G. Tosi, F. M. Marchetti, D. Sanvitto, C. Antķn, M. H. Szymańska, A. Bercenau, C. Tejedor, L. Marrucci, A. Lemaître, J. Bloch, L. Viņa, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 036401 (2011) [Link]

  • Spectral and spatial distribution of polarization at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface
    A. Rubano, M. Fiebig, D. Paparo, A. Marino, D. Maccariello, U. Scotti di Uccio, F. Miletto Granozio, L. Marrucci, C. Richter, S. Paetel, J. Mannhart, Phys. Rev. B 83, 155405 (2011) [Link]

  • Experimental Optimal Cloning of Four-Dimensional Quantum States of Photons
    E. Nagali, D. Giovannini, L. Marrucci, S. Slussarenko, E. Santamato, F. Sciarrino Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 073602 (2010) [Link]

  • Persistent currents and quantized vortices in a polariton superfluid
    D. Sanvitto, F. M. Marchetti, M. H. Szymańska, G. Tosi, M. Baudish, F. P. Laussy, D. N. Krizhanovskii, M. S. Skolnick, L. Marrucci, A. Lemaître, J. Bloch, C. Tejedor, L. Viņa, Nature Physics 6, 527-533 (2010) [Link]

  • Optimal quantum cloning of orbital angular momentum photon qubits through Hong–Ou–Mandel coalescence, E. Nagali, L. Sansoni, F. Sciarrino, F. De Martini, L. Marrucci, B. Piccirillo, E. Karimi, E. Santamato, Nature Photonics 3, 720-723 (2009) [Link]

  • Polar catastrophe and electronic reconstructions at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface: evidence from optical second harmonic generation, A. Savoia, D. Paparo, P. Perna, Z. Ristic, M. Salluzzo, F. Miletto Granozio, U. Scotti di Uccio, C. Richter, S. Thiel, J. Mannhart, L. Marrucci, Phys. Rev. B 80, 075110 (2009) [Link]

  • Optical spin-to-orbital angular momentum conversion in inhomogeneous anisotropic media, L. Marrucci, C. Manzo, D. Paparo, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 163905 (2006). [Link]

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