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Nuclear physics is experiencing a period of significant developments, both from the theoretical and experimental viewpoint. One of the most important aspect consists in the opportunity to obtain a deeper and more complete understanding of nuclear matter through the study of the nuclei far from the valley of stability. New radioactive ion beam facilities (RIBs) are working in different countries and prority is given to the construction of new facilities, which will give us new opportunities to understand the structure and reactions of unstable nuclei, and will also provide information that is very instrumental for nuclear astrophysics. In this context, significant theoretical progress is required to interpret the experimental findings obtained with RIBFs, in the framework of a unitary view on stable and unstable nuclei.

The Naples Group, together with the main Italian theoretical groups working in the fields of nuclear structure and reactions, takes part to the INFN project


Structure and Reactions of Nuclei: towards a Global Theory

The main aim of the project is to foster the interaction between the involved groups in order to better confront the new challenges arising from the RIBs, owing also to the complementary nature of their research. It also aims to theoretical support to the proposal of "key experiments" to be performed at these new Facilities and, in particular, to contribute to the development of the Italian project SPES at LNL.

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