Giovanni Covone


My research interests include topics in observational cosmology, exoplanets and history of astronomy.

Observational Cosmology

I am interested in the study of the properties of the large scale distribution of matter, the dark matter content in galaxies and galaxy clusters, mainly by means of gravitational lensing. We Weak lensing by galaxy clusters (with Mauro Sereno, Martin Kilbinger, Vincenzo Cardone).
Paper 1
Paper 2

Search of strong gravitational lenses in the VST surveys data.


VOICE: together with Mattia Vaccari (Cape Town) I lead the deep VST imaging of the CDFS and ES1 sky regions

KiDS: the Public ESO VST survey of 1000 square degrees in the Southern sky

Euclid: the European space telescope, to be launched in 2020.

DarkSide: experiment at the LNGS for the direct detection of dark matter.

Exoplanets & Exobiology

I am interested in exoplanets search since my master degree thesis. In my first paper, I proposed to use gravitational microlensing to extend exoplanet searches to nearby galaxies. This idea was later confirmed: see paper here.
I am currently interested in using the transit method to search Earth-like planets around the closest stars in the Galaxy and to study the physical characteristics of planetary systems that are likely to host life.

Link to the Exoplanets & Exobiology team @ UniNA .

My results appeared many times in the news.


TESS: the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a NASA space telescope designed to search exoplanets using the transit method around the closest stars.

History of astronomy

I and the PhD student Alessandro Amabile, are investigating the Hellenistic sources of Ptolemy's planetary model, described in the Almagest.
This work is in collaboration with prof. Lucio Russo and Alessandro della Corte.

For more information consult my preprints or my refereed publications.